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Dear Parents 6th thru 12 Students,

My Harmony Portal   is our new a secure pipeline that automates the login process of administrators, teachers, and students to access Applications across Harmony Public Schools. This enables continuously updated roster information, provisioning accounts and access to applications permitting the users to get access without having to handle different usernames and passwords. This school year, Students and teachers after login to My Harmony Portal, they will see the Clever Icon and other applications. These icons have access to Educational Software. This is the link to My Harmony

You can also visit to get more information

Please make sure claim your child’s My Harmony Portal account by visiting, if they have not done so.

Students are expected to claim their accounts in order to use their harmony email account. 

Please visit (not

Use Your last four number of SSN

First Name: «firstname»

Last Name: «lastname»

Your DOB : (remember to put in correct mask MM/DD/YYYY)

If the system is not working in chrome browser, please try Internet explorer/Edge.

If the system does not work, please contact to school IT to reset the password

You can also visit  for K-3 students.

You will find more detailed information and documents.

My Harmony Portal